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Family Search for PF12478 (DUF3697)

PF12478.8 hits 9 sequences in PaperBLAST's database above the trusted cutoff. Showing hits to curated sequences only. Or see all hits or try another family.

LIG_AEDAE / Q16VD3 Protein lingerer from Aedes aegypti (Yellowfever mosquito) (Culex aegypti) (see paper)
Aligns to 538:572 / 1250 (2.8%), covers 100.0% of PF12478, 75.4 bits

LIG_DROME / Q86S05 Protein lingerer from Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly) (see 3 papers)
Aligns to 575:610 / 1375 (2.6%), covers 100.0% of PF12478, 72.9 bits

UBP2L_HUMAN / Q14157 Ubiquitin-associated protein 2-like; Protein NICE-4 from Homo sapiens (Human) (see 2 papers)
Aligns to 495:526 / 1087 (2.9%), covers 94.3% of PF12478, 56.3 bits

UBP2L_MOUSE / Q80X50 Ubiquitin-associated protein 2-like from Mus musculus (Mouse) (see paper)
Aligns to 515:546 / 1107 (2.9%), covers 94.3% of PF12478, 56.3 bits

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by Morgan Price, Arkin group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory