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Clustering the characterized proteins for gcdG (succinyl-CoA:glutarate CoA-transferase) in L-proline catabolism

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Definition of gcdG

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Homo sapiens

Q9HAC7 succinyl-CoA-glutarate CoA-transferase (EC from Homo sapiens
SUCHY_HUMAN / Q9HAC7 Succinate--hydroxymethylglutarate CoA-transferase; Dermal papilla-derived protein 13; SuccinylCoA:glutarate-CoA transferase; EC from Homo sapiens (Human)
Q9HAC7 succinate-hydroxymethylglutarate CoA-transferase (EC from Homo sapiens
PFams: CoA_transf_3
445 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD (Cluster 1)

Pseudomonas fluorescens

AO356_10845 succinyl-CoA-glutarate CoA-transferase (EC from Pseudomonas fluorescens FW300-N2C3
PFams: CoA_transf_3
406 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD (Cluster 1)