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Clustering the characterized proteins for malF1 (trehalose ABC transporter, permease component 1) in trehalose catabolism

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TC 3.A.1.1.22 / Q9X0T0 MalF1; aka Maltose ABC transporter, permease protein, component of The maltose, maltotriose, mannotetraose (MalE1)/maltose, maltotriose, trehalose (MalE2) porter (Nanavati et al., 2005). For MalG1 (823aas) and MalG2 (833aas), the C-terminal transmembrane domain with 6 putative TMSs is preceded by a single N-terminal TMS and a large (600 residue) hydrophilic region showing sequence similarity to MLP1 and 2 (9.A.14; e-12 & e-7) as well as other proteins from Thermotoga maritima
PFams: DUF4896, TM_PBP2_N, BPD_transp_1
Heteromeric, 577 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD