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ARCC1_ENTFC / P0A2X8: Carbamate kinase 1; EC from Enterococcus faecium
P0A2X7: carbamate kinase (EC from Enterococcus faecium

ARCC_HALSA / Q48295: Carbamate kinase; CK; EC from Halobacterium salinarum
arcC / GB|AAG20947.1: carbamate kinase; EC from Halobacterium salinarum

CPKA_PYRFU / P95474: Carbamate kinase; Carbamate kinase-like carbamoylphosphate synthase; EC from Pyrococcus furiosus

A6LPA8: carbamate kinase (EC from Thermosipho melanesiensis

A7HNY8: carbamate kinase (EC from Fervidobacterium nodosum

O96432: carbamate kinase (EC from Trichomonas vaginalis

C6A5J0: carbamate kinase (EC from Thermococcus sibiricus

F0LK57: carbamate kinase (EC from Thermococcus barophilus

A0A0H3BY05: carbamate kinase (EC from Streptococcus pyogenes

A8BB85: carbamate kinase (EC from Giardia intestinalis

CBK / O97438: carbamate kinase subunit (EC from Giardia intestinalis
O97438: carbamate kinase (EC from Giardia intestinalis

arcC: carbamate kinase; EC from Enterococcus faecalis

by Morgan Price, Arkin group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory