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AAS80455.1: α,α-trehalase / α-glucosidase (TTC0107) (EC| from

CAP72574.1: α-1,3-glucosidase (PAG;Pa_2_60) (EC| from

CAA55409.1: α-1,4-glucosidase (MalA) (EC from

ACM89182.1: α-1,6-glucosidase 1 (Agl1; Bbr_1855) (EC| from

ACM89183.1: α-1,6-glucosidase 2 (Agl2; Bbr_0559) (EC| from

ADD81256.1: α-amylase (Aamy1) (EC from

AAA81491.1: α-glucosidase ( Aagr-1;D2096.3/D2096.12) (EC from

BAD06006.1: α-glucosidase (α-G I;α-GI) (EC from

BAQ19546.1: α-glucosidase (AG31A;BspAG31A) (EC from

AAA83174.3: α-glucosidase (Aagr-2:Msp-31;R05F9.12;ZK546.10) (EC from

CAA94764.1: α-glucosidase (Aagr-3;F40F9.6;CELE_F40F9.6) (EC from

AAB71267.2: α-glucosidase (Aagr-4;F52D1.1) (EC from

BAC57563.1: α-glucosidase (AgdA) (EC from

EAA64849.1: α-glucosidase (AgdA;AN2017.2) (EC from

BAA08125.1: α-glucosidase (AgdA;Agl; AO090003001209) (EC from

EAA63748.1: α-glucosidase (AgdB;AN8953.2) (EC from
BAB39856.1: α-glucosidase B (AgdB) (EC from
Q9C1S7: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Aspergillus nidulans

ABF50846.1: α-glucosidase (AgdE;AN0941.2) (EC from

AAA25570.1: α-glucosidase (Agl) (EC from

AAF76254.1: α-glucosidase (Agl1;Agl97) (EC from
AGL97 / Q9LLY2: α-glucosidase (EC from Hordeum vulgare
Q9LLY2: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Hordeum vulgare

CAC36906.1: α-glucosidase (Agl1;Agl;SPAPB24D3.10c) (EC from

BAM74081.1: α-glucosidase (Agl;SBG) (EC from

CAA08868.1: α-glucosidase (AglA) (EC from

AAA57313.1: α-glucosidase (AglA) (EC from
AAZ54871.1: α-glucosidase (Tfu_0833) (EC from

BAL49684.1: α-glucosidase (AglA;HaG) (EC from

AAT42677.1: α-glucosidase (AglA;PTO0092) (EC from
Q6L2X4: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Picrophilus torridus

CAC11443.1: α-glucosidase (AglA;Ta0298) (EC from
Q9HLD0: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Thermoplasma acidophilum

AAL05573.1: α-glucosidase (AglB;AglA;BAD_0452) (EC from

CAA60857.1: α-glucosidase (Agm1) (EC from

CAA60858.1: α-glucosidase (Agm2) (EC from

ALS55547.1: α-glucosidase (AlphaGlu;Xd-AlphaGlu) (EC from

AAO75446.1: α-glucosidase (BT0339;BT_0339) (EC from

AAO78405.1: α-glucosidase (BT3299;BT_3299) (EC from

BAI67603.1: α-glucosidase (CmmB) (EC from

AAB02985.1: α-glucosidase (EC from

AAD50603.1: α-glucosidase (EC from

AAF71997.1: α-glucosidase (EC from

ABO27432.1: α-glucosidase (EC from

ABR26230.1: α-glucosidase (EC from

BAA11053.1: α-glucosidase (EC from

CAA39501.1: α-glucosidase (EC from

CAA54266.1: α-glucosidase (EC from

CAB85963.1: α-glucosidase (EC from

AAX04434.1: α-glucosidase (EC from

AAH10210.1: α-glucosidase (GAA) (lysosomal) (EC from

BAE20170.1: α-glucosidase (GAM1) (EC from

BAA25884.1: α-glucosidase (Gaa1) (EC from

AAM23323.1: α-glucosidase (GluA;TTE0006) (EC from
Q8RDL1: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Caldanaerobacter subterraneus

CAF31354.1: α-glucosidase (Glz) (EC from

BAE48285.1: α-glucosidase (Gsj) (EC from
Q33E90: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Geobacillus sp.

BAN67474.1: α-glucosidase (HdAgl1;HdAgl) (EC from

CAA99179.1: α-glucosidase (Ima2;IMA2;YOL157c) (EC from

CAA87020.1: α-glucosidase (Ima3;IMA3;YIL172C) (EC from
CAA83990.1: α-glucosidase (Ima4;Fsp2;YJL221C) (EC from

CAA83995.1: α-glucosidase (Ima5;IMA5;YJL216c) (EC from

AAF69018.1: α-glucosidase (MAL1) (EC from

CAA04707.1: α-glucosidase (Mal1) (EC from

CAB96077.1: α-glucosidase (Mal2) (EC from

AAA34350.2: α-glucosidase (Mal2;Mal1) (EC from

AAA34757.1: α-glucosidase (Mal6S;Mal62) (EC from

AAY80507.1: α-glucosidase (MalA;Saci_1160) (EC from
Q4J9M3: oligo-1,6-glucosidase (EC; alpha-glucosidase (EC; glucan 1,3-alpha-glucosidase (EC from Sulfolobus acidocaldarius

BAD45913.1: α-glucosidase (Ong1;OngX-H1;Os06g0676700) (EC from

BAD45910.1: α-glucosidase (Ong2;Ong-2;Ong3;OngX-H3;Os06g0675700) (EC from

AAL80256.1: α-glucosidase (PF0132) (EC from

AAK28734.1: α-glucosidase (PalH) (EC from

AAK28739.1: α-glucosidase (PalZ) (EC from

BAA20343.1: α-glucosidase (SBG) (EC from

BAB67639.1: α-glucosidase (ST2525) (EC from
F9VPH0: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Sulfurisphaera tokodaii

AEW20125.1: α-glucosidase (SusB;Aglu;BFO_2272) (EC from

BAD70304.1: α-glucosidase (TTHA0481) (EC from
Q5SL12: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Thermus thermophilus

AKA95141.1: α-glucosidase (TtAG) (EC from

AAA57881.1: α-glucosidase (YgjK;EcYgjK;b3080) (EC| from
ACB04164.1: ECDH10B_3255 (EC| from
BAE77130.1: ECK3070:JW3051:b3080 (YgjK) (EC| from

AAA33923.1: α-glucosidase (glucoamylase) (Gam1;GAM1) (EC from

AAC31968.1: α-glucosidase (glucoamylase) (Gca1) (EC from

CAB46746.1: α-glucosidase (maltase mal22) (EC from

BAD08418.1: α-glucosidase / α-1,3-glucosidase (Aig) (EC| from

AAD37363.1: α-glucosidase / α-xylosidase (AtXyl1;AXY3;AtGlu2;Aglu2;Aglu-2;At1g68560) (EC| from

ABW98683.1: α-glucosidase / binding-toxin receptor (Agm3;AgAgm3) (EC from

BAA12704.1: α-glucosidase / exo-α-1,4-glucosidase (EC from

BAB59003.1: α-glucosidase / maltase (MalT;AO090038000234) (EC from

AAB82656.1: α-glucosidase 1 (Aglu1;Aglu-1;At5g11720) (EC from

AAB82327.1: α-glucosidase 1 (Mav1) (EC from

AAB82328.1: α-glucosidase 2 (Mav2) (EC from

CAA68763.1: α-glucosidase A (GAA) (lysosomal) (EC from

BAE86926.1: α-glucosidase I (Hbg1;HBG-I;Loc409889) (EC from

BAF44218.1: α-glucosidase I (JBgI) (EC from
A1IHL0: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Apis cerana

BAM78681.1: α-glucosidase II α-subunit (BmGII?) (EC from

BAM78680.1: α-glucosidase II α-subunit (SfGII?) (EC from

AAC53182.1: α-glucosidase II (?-GluII;AB;GanAB;GANAB;G2an;Kiaa0088 ) (EC| from

AAB49757.1: α-glucosidase II (EC| from

AAF66685.1: α-glucosidase II (GanAB;G2AN;KIAA0088 ) (EC| from

CAF05793.1: α-glucosidase II (Gas1) (EC from

CAA85192.1: α-glucosidase II (Gls2;Rot2;YBR229c;YBR1526) (ER) (EC| from

BAE86927.1: α-glucosidase II (Hbg2;HBG-II;Loc411257) (EC from

EAK97887.1: α-glucosidase II (Rot2;CaO19.8589) (EC| from

AFG25509.1: α-glucosidase II (Rot2;SsROT2) (EC| from

BAA76396.1: α-glucosidase II / oligo-α-1,6-glucosidase (BthG II) (EC| from
Q9F234: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Bacillus thermoamyloliquefaciens

ADB11049.1: α-glucosidase III (EC from

BAA11466.1: α-glucosidase III (Hbg3;HBG-III;Loc406131) (EC from

AIZ92452.1: α-glucosidase Z (EO53_16270;MalZ;b0403) (EC from
BAE76183.1: maltodextrin glucosidase (MalZ) (EC from

AAC38215.1: α-glucosidase with α-mannosidase activity (MalA;SsMalA;Sso1_0793) (EC| from
AAK43151.1: α-glucosidase (MalA;SSO3051) (EC from
P0CD66: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Saccharolobus solfataricus

Shewana3_2311: Alpha-glucosidase (EC from Shewanella sp.

Psest_0870: Alpha-glucosidase (EC from Pseudomonas stutzeri

MAL12_YEAST / P53341: Alpha-glucosidase MAL12; Maltase; EC from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
CAA97325.1: α-glucosidase (Mal1S;Mal12;YGR292W) (EC from
P53341: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

MAL32_YEAST / P38158: Alpha-glucosidase MAL32; Maltase; EC from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
CAA85264.1: α-glucosidase (AGL;Mal3S;Mal32;YBR299W;YBR2117) (EC from

MALT_CULPI / Q95WY5: Alpha-glucosidase; Binary toxin-binding alpha-glucosidase; Culex pipiens maltase 1; Cpm1; EC from Culex pipiens
AAL05443.1: α-glucosidase / maltase 1 (Cpm1) (binary toxin-binding) (EC from

PALH_ERWRD / Q9AI65: Alpha-glucosidase; EC from Erwinia rhapontici
Q9AI65: alpha-glucosidase (EC; 6-phospho-beta-glucosidase (EC from Erwinia rhapontici

MALT_SCHPO / Q9P6J3: Alpha-glucosidase; Maltase; EC from Schizosaccharomyces pombe
mal1 / RF|NP_595063.1: maltase alpha-glucosidase Mal1; EC from Schizosaccharomyces pombe

AGLU_ASPNG / P56526: Alpha-glucosidase; Maltase; EC from Aspergillus niger
CAK44692.1: α-glucosidase (AgdA;An04g06920;AglU) (EC from
BAA23616.1: α-glucosidase (AglA) (EC from
BAM72725.1: α-glucosidase (Agl;ANG) (EC from
aglA / GI|118562863: alpha-glucosidase; EC from Aspergillus niger
P56526: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Aspergillus niger
A0PCH8: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Aspergillus niger
A2QJF7: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Aspergillus niger

AGLU_SACS9 / D0KQM8: Alpha-glucosidase; Maltase; EC from Saccharolobus solfataricus
D0KQM8: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Saccharolobus solfataricus

AGLA_THENE / O86960: Alpha-glucosidase; Maltase; EC from Thermotoga neapolitana

AGLA_THEMA / O33830: Alpha-glucosidase; Maltase; EC from Thermotoga maritima
AAD36897.1: α-glucosidase (AglA;TM1834) (EC from
O33830: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Thermotoga maritima

AGDC_EMENI / Q5AWI5: Alpha/beta-glucosidase agdC; EC; EC from Emericella nidulans
ABF50883.1: α-glucosidase (AgdC;AN7345.2) (EC from

AGLU_TETPY / O00906: Lysosomal acid alpha-glucosidase; Acid maltase; EC from Tetrahymena pyriformis
BAA20462.1: α-glucosidase (acid) (EC from

LYAG_HUMAN / P10253: Lysosomal alpha-glucosidase; Acid maltase; Aglucosidase alfa; EC from Homo sapiens
P10253: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Homo sapiens

LYAG_BOVIN / Q9MYM4: Lysosomal alpha-glucosidase; Acid maltase; EC from Bos taurus
AAF81637.1: acidic α-glucosidase (EC from

MAL1_DROME / P07190: Maltase A1; Larval visceral protein H; EC from Drosophila melanogaster
AAF59089.3: α-glucosidase H (LvpH; RE72980p) (EC from

MAL2_DROME / P07191: Maltase A2; Larval visceral protein D; EC from Drosophila melanogaster
AAF59088.1: α-glucosidase D (LvpD) (EC from

MAL3_DROME / P07192: Maltase A3; Larval visceral protein L; EC from Drosophila melanogaster
AAM50308.1: α-glucosidase L (LvpL) (EC from

MGA_HUMAN / O43451: Maltase-glucoamylase; Alpha-1,4-glucosidase; EC from Homo sapiens

Ga0059261_1581: Maltose or maltodextrin glucosidase (EC from Sphingomonas koreensis

GANC_HUMAN / Q8TET4: Neutral alpha-glucosidase C; EC from Homo sapiens

AGD1_ARTBC / D4B0X3: Probable alpha/beta-glucosidase ARB_02101; EC; EC from Arthroderma benhamiae

BAA25890.2: acid α-glucosidase (Gaa2;GAAII) (EC from

A4WMH3: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Pyrobaculum arsenaticum

Q2PCE2: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Ferroplasma acidiphilum

Q2PCE3: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Ferroplasma acidiphilum

Q5K3Q3: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Ferroplasma acidiphilum

E1CJT1: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Cyberlindnera fabianii

Q9Z3R8: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Sinorhizobium meliloti

Q745T6: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Thermus thermophilus

J9SJ08: alpha-glucosidase (EC; mannosyl-oligosaccharide alpha-1,3-glucosidase (EC from Apis cerana

Dshi_1649: alpha-glucosidase / maltase / trehalase / sucrase (EC; EC; EC from Dinoroseobacter shibae

agl1: alpha-glucosidase Agl1; EC from Schizosaccharomyces pombe

CAI26256.1: glucosidase II, α-subunit (GII) (EC from

AAC39568.2: maltase-glucoamylase (MgaM;Mga;MGAML) (EC from

MalZ / b0403: maltodextrin glucosidase (EC from Escherichia coli
malZ / P21517: maltodextrin glucosidase (EC from Escherichia coli
P21517: alpha-glucosidase (EC from Escherichia coli

Q2V621: mannosyl-oligosaccharide glucosidase (EC; alpha-glucosidase (EC; mannosyl-oligosaccharide alpha-1,3-glucosidase (EC from Candida albicans

ACH86011.1: membrane-bound maltase-glucoamylase (MGAM) (EC from

ABB55878.1: sucrase / α-glucosidase (S1;APS1) (EC from

ACN63343.1: sucrase / α-glucosidase II (JBgII;HBGaseII) (EC|3.2.1.-) from

AAA31459.1: sucrase-isomaltase (SI) (EC|| from

by Morgan Price, Arkin group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory