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ABN50090.1: β-1,4-glucosidase (Bgl2;ThBgl) (EC from

AGS32242.1: β-1,4-glucosidase (CgBG1) (EC from

AFQ36783.1: β-1,4-glucosidase (Gluc1C) (EC from

YohA / b2132: β-D-glucoside glucohydrolase, periplasmic (EC from Escherichia coli
bglX / P33363: β-D-glucoside glucohydrolase, periplasmic (EC from Escherichia coli

BAD95570.1: β-galactosidase/β-glucosidase (BglA) (EC| from

AEX92706.1: β-glucanase (W5-16143) (EC from

AEX92705.1: β-glucanase (W5-CAT13) (EC from

AAC06038.1: β-glucosidase (β-gly;Sf?gly) (EC|||3.2.1.-) from
O61594: beta-glucosidase (EC from Spodoptera frugiperda

AAG26008.1: β-glucosidase (β-gly;Tm?gly) (EC from

AEW47937.1: β-glucosidase (A1_GH3) (EC from

AHG23303.1: β-glucosidase (AS-Esc10) (EC from

AHG23300.1: β-glucosidase (AS-Esc6) (EC from

AEN94900.1: β-glucosidase (ASG) (EC from

AAA22085.1: β-glucosidase (Abg) (EC from

EAL91070.1: β-glucosidase (AfBG;AFUA_1G17410;Afu1g17410) (EC from

EAL84958.1: β-glucosidase (AfG;AFUA_8G02100) (EC from

AHI85741.1: β-glucosidase (AmBGL17) (EC from

AHI85742.1: β-glucosidase (AmBGL18) (EC from

BAE54829.1: β-glucosidase (B7;BglA;Bgl1;Ao?G;BGHG1;AO090009000356) (Cel3A) (EC from
Q2UUD6: beta-glucosidase (EC from Aspergillus oryzae

ABQ46970.1: β-glucosidase (BG-A;BglA;TCel12;TpBgl1;Tpet_0952) (EC from
A5IL97: beta-glucosidase (EC from Thermotoga petrophila

ABQ46916.1: β-glucosidase (BG-B;TCel11;TpBlg3;Tpet_0898) (EC from
A5IL43: ginsenoside Rb1 beta-glucosidase (EC; beta-glucosidase (EC from Thermotoga petrophila

ABX84365.1: β-glucosidase (BGL I) (EC from
A9UIG0: beta-glucosidase (EC from Periconia sp.

AFH08277.1: β-glucosidase (BGL5;Bgl7O16) (EC from

AFH08279.1: β-glucosidase (BGL7;Bgl9) (EC from

AFH08281.1: β-glucosidase (BGL9;Bgl11) (EC from

ADK12988.1: β-glucosidase (BGluc-1;RfBGluc-1) (EC|| from

ABR57325.2: β-glucosidase (Bgl) (EC from

CAA33461.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl) (EC from

CAP58431.2: β-glucosidase (Bgl) (EC from

AGS52251.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl-gs1;contig00059.2) (EC from

AAB67972.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1) (EC from

AAD45834.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1) (EC from

AAF74209.2: β-glucosidase (Bgl1) (EC from

AAG59862.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1) (EC from

ABP88968.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1) (EC from
A5A4M8: beta-glucosidase (EC from Penicillium brasilianum

AFJ19133.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1) (EC from

CAB82861.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1) (EC from

CAE01320.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1) (EC from

AFN70956.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1269) (EC from

ADQ41669.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl13;Calkr_2207) (EC from

CAK48740.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1;An18g03570) (EC from

CAB75696.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1;BG3;BGs) (EC from
Q9P8F4: beta-glucosidase (EC from Aspergillus niger

AGF69228.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1;BGL) (EC from

AEV59720.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1;BGL02B4-ORF21) (EC from

AAZ95587.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1;Bg1;TaBgl1) (EC from
Q0ZUL0: beta-glucosidase (EC from Thermoascus aurantiacus

AGC30579.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1;Bgl1G5) (EC from

EAA26947.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1;Gh1-1;NCU00130) (EC from

AIM56897.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1;NfBGL1) (EC from

AEV40916.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1;SfBGL1) (partial) (EC from

CAC34952.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1A;Cel1A) (Bgl1A) (EC from

ADD96762.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1A;PB42H12) (Bgl1A) (EC from
D5KX75: beta-glucosidase (EC from uncultured bacterium

ACY09072.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1B;PB47B2) (Bgl1B) (EC from

ACD62593.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1C;BgllC) (EC from

AGC10824.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl2;BGL2;PdBgl2) (intracellular) (EC from

AEV59721.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl2;BGL4A6-ORF17) (EC from

AAY33982.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl2;BGLII;Bg2;BGII) (EC from
Q4U4W7: beta-glucosidase (EC from Thermoascus aurantiacus

EAA30164.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl2;Gh3-4;NCU04952) (EC from
Q7S3R5: beta-glucosidase (EC from Neurospora crassa

AFU91382.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl3) (Bgl3A) (EC from

CAA82733.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl3) (EC from

ACV87737.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl3;Bgl) (EC from
C9E9M9: beta-glucosidase (EC from Talaromyces purpureogenus

AFC40275.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl3;BglG;SmBGL3) (EC from

ADM47481.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl3;PtBglu3) (EC from

BAA74958.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl4;Bglhi) (EC from

XP_001258596.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl595;NfBGL595;NFIA_060550) (EC from

AKH41028.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl6;BGL6) (EC from

EAA26868.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl6;Gh3-3;NcGH3-3;NcCel3A;Ncrα-Bgl101;NCU08755) (Cel3A) (EC from

AGU13704.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl8;BuBGL8) (partial) (EC from

AAG59831.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl;BGL-II) (EC from

AEL79685.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl;BGL1) (EC from

ACM66669.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl;BglU) (EC from

AAB66561.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl;Fbgl;FmBGL) (EC from

AIO11756.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl;GmBGL) (EC from

BAB91145.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl;NkBgl;NkBG;G1NkBG) (EC from

ABL78891.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl;TpBgl;Tpen_1494) (EC from
A1S0B1: beta-glucosidase (EC from Thermofilum pendens

AEH51094.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl;Tt-BGL;Theth_1013) (EC from

ADL69309.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl;Tthe_1813) (EC from

AAN60220.1: β-glucosidase (BglA) (EC from

ADD25173.1: β-glucosidase (BglA) (EC from

AFC68969.1: β-glucosidase (BglA) (EC from

BAE48718.1: β-glucosidase (BglA) (EC from
Q2WGB4: beta-glucosidase (EC from Paenibacillus sp.

ADK47980.1: β-glucosidase (BglA) (EC from

AAA22266.1: β-glucosidase (BglA) (EC from

ADK91094.1: β-glucosidase (BglA49) (EC from

BAB05642.1: β-glucosidase (BglA;BH1923) (EC from

ABP66702.1: β-glucosidase (BglA;Csac_1089) (EC from
A4XIG7: beta-glucosidase (EC from Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus

AFS69459.1: β-glucosidase (BglA;EaBglA;EaBgl1A;Eab7_0297) (EC from

AAL80566.1: β-glucosidase (BglA;PF0442) (Cel1B) (EC from

AAF93781.1: β-glucosidase (BglA;VC0615) (EC from

ACL38420.1: β-glucosidase (BglAch;Achl_0421) (EC from

ACU36898.1: β-glucosidase (BglAm;Amir_2978) (EC from

AAC49036.1: β-glucosidase (BglB) (EC from

ABQ06406.1: β-glucosidase (BglBX10;Fjoh_3392) (EC from

AAF37730.1: β-glucosidase (BglC) (Bgl1C) (EC from
AAZ54975.1: β-glucosidase (BglC;BGL;Tfu_0937;Tfu0937) (Bgl1C) (EC from

ABQ03809.1: β-glucosidase (BglF3;Fjoh_0775) (EC from

ABR73190.1: β-glucosidase (BglM1;Mmwyl1_4295) (cold-active) (EC from

AAA91297.1: β-glucosidase (BglN) (EC from

AGA60134.1: β-glucosidase (BglPC28;BglG1537b) (EC from

AEI42200.1: β-glucosidase (BglPm;KNP414_03656) (EC from

EAU32193.1: β-glucosidase (BglS;ATEG_07931) (EC from

ACZ20402.1: β-glucosidase (BglSk;Sked_04360) (EC from

ADY18331.1: β-glucosidase (BglSp) (EC from

CAA94187.1: β-glucosidase (BglT) (EC from

AAA60495.1: β-glucosidase (BglX) (EC from

ADY62498.1: β-glucosidase (BglX) (EC from

AAL21070.1: β-glucosidase (BglX;STM2166) (EC from

AAX35883.1: β-glucosidase (BglY) (EC from

AAX76617.1: β-glucosidase (BglY) (EC from

AFS64714.1: β-glucosidase (BglZ) (EC from

ADM15720.1: β-glucosidase (Bglu1;PtBglu1) (EC from

AFI47447.1: β-glucosidase (Bgs;NpaBGS) (EC from

CAA52344.1: β-glucosidase (Bgsl) (EC from

AFO70070.1: β-glucosidase (BlgA) (EC from

EAQ91486.1: β-glucosidase (CHGG_03421) (EC from

ACE83024.1: β-glucosidase (CJA_1497) (Cel3B) (EC from

CAN00986.1: β-glucosidase (CMM_0947) (EC from

AAX57580.1: β-glucosidase (CasB) (EC from

AAC38196.1: β-glucosidase (Cba) (EC from

BAG71912.1: β-glucosidase (Cel1A;CjCel1A) (EC from

AAP57758.1: β-glucosidase (Cel1b) (Cel1B) (EC from

CAD67686.1: β-glucosidase (Cel3) (EC from

AAO41704.1: β-glucosidase (Cel3A) (Cel3A) (EC from
Q875K3: beta-glucosidase (EC from Piromyces sp.

AAA91967.1: β-glucosidase (CelB) (EC from

ABL14155.1: β-glucosidase (CelG) (EC from

AEE46907.1: β-glucosidase (CfBgl1;Celf_2783) (EC from

AEE44289.1: β-glucosidase (CfBgl3A;Celf_0140) (Bgl3A) (EC from

AEE44608.1: β-glucosidase (CfBgl3B;Celf_0468) (Bgl3B) (EC from

BAA03152.1: β-glucosidase (CgB) (EC from

CAA91220.1: β-glucosidase (CglT;BglT) (EC from

AEW47953.1: β-glucosidase (D1_GH3) (EC from

AEW47954.1: β-glucosidase (D2_GH1) (EC from

ACI19973.1: β-glucosidase (DtGH;DICTH_1689) (EC from

ACK41762.1: β-glucosidase (Dtur_0462) (EC from

AAA23091.1: β-glucosidase (EC from

AAA74233.1: β-glucosidase (EC from

AGA96121.1: β-glucosidase (EC from

AHF25279.1: β-glucosidase (EC from

BAA33065.1: β-glucosidase (EC from

BAA86923.1: β-glucosidase (EC from

CAA07070.1: β-glucosidase (EC from

CAJ81226.1: β-glucosidase (EC from

AAX07690.1: β-glucosidase (EC from

AAB62870.1: β-glucosidase (EC from

CAA26662.1: β-glucosidase (EC from

AAP13852.1: β-glucosidase (EC from
Q86D78: beta-glucosidase (EC from Bombyx mori

AAU93797.1: β-glucosidase (EryBI) (EC from

AEW47962.1: β-glucosidase (F2_GH1) (EC from

AFY97405.1: β-glucosidase (FgBgl3A) (Bgl3A) (EC from

CCA60742.1: β-glucosidase (FiBgl1A) (Bgl1A) (EC from

BAI50018.1: β-glucosidase (G1sgNtBG1;SgNtBG1;SgNtBG3) (EC from

CDO50493.1: β-glucosidase (Gh2;TaGH2) (EC from

CDO50494.1: β-glucosidase (Gh2;TbGH2) (EC from

AEW67360.1: β-glucosidase (Glu1A) (EC from

ADB23476.1: β-glucosidase (Glu1B) (EC from

AAC05445.1: β-glucosidase (GluA) (EC from

ADC53302.1: β-glucosidase (Gluc3M) (EC from

AEW47970.1: β-glucosidase (H1_GH3) (EC from

EPB86303.1: β-glucosidase (HMPREF1544_06945) (EC from

AAA83309.1: β-glucosidase (Klo-1;C50F7.10) (EC from

AAC68766.1: β-glucosidase (Klo-2;E02H9.5) (EC from

AGH13484.1: β-glucosidase (LAB20g4) (EC from

ABJ65020.1: β-glucosidase (LVIS_1961) (EC from

AEO58175.1: β-glucosidase (MYCTH_80304) (EC||3.2.1.-) from

AFD33364.1: β-glucosidase (MbmgBG1) (EC from

AEO58343.1: β-glucosidase (MtBgl3a;MYCTH_66804) (Bgl3A) (EC from
G2QDN2: beta-glucosidase (EC from Thermothelomyces thermophilus

EAV39986.1: β-glucosidase (OENOO_34001) (EC from

BAB86071.1: β-glucosidase (Os1bglu4;Os01g0897600) (EC from

AAT85323.1: β-glucosidase (Os3bglu8;Os03g0703100) (EC| from

AFW98805.1: β-glucosidase (P1.2) (partial) (EC from

AAA93032.1: β-glucosidase (PH1;PH-S1) (EC from

AAA91166.1: β-glucosidase (Pa ?G) (EC from

BAJ09393.1: β-glucosidase (PstG;PSTG) (EC from

ABI94087.1: β-glucosidase (RG11) (EC from

ABI94088.1: β-glucosidase (RG12) (EC from

ABI94089.1: β-glucosidase (RG14) (EC from

ABI94090.1: β-glucosidase (RG20) (EC from

ABI94091.1: β-glucosidase (RG25) (EC from

AAL69548.3: β-glucosidase (ReCel3A) (Cel3A) (EC from
Q8TGI8: beta-glucosidase (EC from Rasamsonia emersonii

AIY32164.1: β-glucosidase (RmBglu3) (Bglu3B) (EC from
A0A0B4RUW2: beta-glucosidase (EC; glucan 1,3-beta-glucosidase (EC from Rhizomucor miehei

ADM89625.1: β-glucosidase (RuBg3A;BgX2;RubgX2;16C12) (EC from

AGS08637.1: β-glucosidase (SBGL) (EC from

CAB56688.1: β-glucosidase (SCO0458) (EC from

CAB95278.1: β-glucosidase (SCO1059;SCG22.05) (EC from

CAC16438.1: β-glucosidase (SCO7558;SC5F1.12) (EC from

CAC47470.1: β-glucosidase (SMc03160) (EC from

AAF21798.1: β-glucosidase (SalA) (EC from

AAF21799.1: β-glucosidase (SalB) (EC from

CAD36512.1: β-glucosidase (Sfr2;At3g06510) (EC from

BAI50019.1: β-glucosidase (SgNtBG2) (EC from

BAI50021.1: β-glucosidase (SgNtBG4) (EC from

AIB10099.1: β-glucosidase (TkBgl3A) (Bgl3A) (EC from

AEO69521.1: β-glucosidase (Tt_BG;THITE_2171046) (EC from

AEF18218.1: β-glucosidase (TxGH116;Thexy_2211) (EC from

BAK61808.1: β-glucosidase (UeBgl3A) (Bgl3A) (EC from

AAZ32298.1: β-glucosidase (UmBgl3A) (EC from

ABA42186.1: β-glucosidase (UmBgl3B;RG2) (EC from
Q3HXC2: beta-glucosidase (EC from uncultured bacterium

ABA42187.1: β-glucosidase (UmBgl3C;RG3) (EC from

ABE60716.1: β-glucosidase (UmBgl3D) (EC from

ABU68675.1: β-glucosidase (UmCel3G) (EC from

ABX76049.1: β-glucosidase (UmCelC7;Cb1) (EC from

ABX76051.1: β-glucosidase (UmCelS19;Sb1) (EC from

AFX98011.1: β-glucosidase (Unglu135B12;TY-135-138) (EC from

AJC01624.1: β-glucosidase (epB-BGL) (EC from

AAB22162.1: β-glucosidase (linamarase) (EC from

AAB71381.1: β-glucosidase (linamarase) (EC from
pLIN-GEN / O24524: linamarase (EC from Manihot esculenta

AAB08445.1: β-glucosidase (tomatinase;B2Tom) (EC from
B2Tom / Q99324: β2-tomatinase (EC from Septoria lycopersici

ABI18350.1: β-glucosidase / β-glycosidase (BglA) (Bgl1A) (EC from

ACK41548.1: β-glucosidase / β-glycosidase (Dtur_0219) (EC from

AAL80197.1: β-glucosidase / β-glycosidase / β-rutinosidase (Cel1A;CelB;BGLPf;PfBgl1;PFTG;PF0073;Pf-β-gly) (EC|3.2.1.-) from
Q51723: beta-glucosidase (EC from Pyrococcus furiosus
E7FHY4: beta-glucosidase (EC from Pyrococcus furiosus

ADT62000.1: β-glucosidase / β-xylosidase (BglB;P11-6B) (EC| from

AAK19754.1: β-glucosidase / β-xylosidase (Bgx1) (EC| from
Q9AT27: beta-glucosidase (EC from Phytophthora infestans

AAA80156.1: β-glucosidase / β-xylosidase (BgxA) (EC| from

AEN99939.1: β-glucosidase / β-xylosidase (Bxl5) (EC from

ACJ51732.1: β-glucosidase / β-xylosidase / multi-functional glycoside hydrolase (BGL;XYL;Blon_0625) (EC| from

CAB61489.1: β-glucosidase / avenacinase (Sap1) (EC|3.2.1.-) from

ACM59590.1: β-glucosidase / cellodextrinase (CbBgl1A;CbCdx1A;Athe_0458) (Bgl1A=Cdx1A) (EC from

ACT78497.1: β-glucosidase / cellodextrinase (CldC; Bbr_0109) (EC from

ABD81757.1: β-glucosidase / cellodextrinase 3A (CedA;Sde_2497) (Ced3A) (EC| from

ABD79509.1: β-glucosidase / cellodextrinase 3B (Sde_0245) (Ced3B) (EC| from

ADX78143.1: β-glucosidase / cellulase (Bgl3) (EC from

EAL88289.1: β-glucosidase 1 (Afum-Bgl101;Af?G;AFUA_1G05770;Afu1g05770) (EC from

AAL34084.2: β-glucosidase 1 (Bg1;BglI;BGIV) (EC from

AAA34314.1: β-glucosidase 1 (Bgl1) (EC from

BAO00904.1: β-glucosidase 1 (Bgl1) (EC from

BAA10968.1: β-glucosidase 1 (Bgl1;AaBGL1;AaBg1;Aa?G) (EC from
P48825: beta-glucosidase (EC from Aspergillus aculeatus

CAA40058.1: β-glucosidase 1 (non-cyanogenic) (EC from

BAE58551.1: β-glucosidase 1 / aryl β-glucosidase (Bgl1;BglJ;AO090003001511) (EC from
Q2UIR4: beta-glucosidase (EC from Aspergillus oryzae

ABD82858.1: β-glucosidase 1A (Sde_3603) (Bgl1A) (EC from

ABD80656.1: β-glucosidase 1B (Sde_1394) (Bgl1B) (EC from

AAA34315.1: β-glucosidase 2 (Bgl2) (EC from

BAO00905.1: β-glucosidase 2 (Bgl2) (partial) (EC from

BAA74959.1: β-glucosidase 2 (CEL1a;Bgl2;BGLII;BGL) (Cel1A) (EC from
bgl2 / O93785: β-glucosidase Bgl2 (EC from Hypocrea jecorina
O93785: beta-glucosidase (EC from Trichoderma reesei

ABV54716.1: β-glucosidase 2 (cyanogenic) (EC from

GAM40530.1: β-glucosidase 3A (TCE0_039f12945) (Bgl3A) (EC from

ABD81934.1: β-glucosidase 3C (Sde_2674) (Bgl3C) (EC from

BAE57053.1: β-glucosidase 5 (Bgl5;AO090001000544) (EC from

BAA19913.1: β-glucosidase A (BglA) (EC from

CAA31087.1: β-glucosidase A (BglA) (EC from
P10482: beta-glucosidase (EC from Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus

AAA23008.1: β-glucosidase A (BglA) (EC from

AAA22263.1: β-glucosidase A (BglA) (EC from

AAQ00997.1: β-glucosidase A (BglA;BG) (EC from

CAG37177.1: β-glucosidase A (BglA;DP2448) (EC from

ACL70277.1: β-glucosidase A (BglA;HoBGLA;Hore_15280) (EC from
B8CYA8: beta-glucosidase (EC from Halothermothrix orenii

CAA52276.1: β-glucosidase A (BglA;Tmari_1862) (EC from

BAA36160.1: β-glucosidase A (EC from

CAA56282.1: β-glucosidase A (EC from

CAA64442.1: β-glucosidase A (EC from

AEF56853.1: β-glucosidase A3 (EC from

CAA33665.1: β-glucosidase B (BglB) (EC from

AAA22264.1: β-glucosidase B (BglB) (EC from

ABN52488.1: β-glucosidase B (BglB;Cthe_1256) (EC from

AAD35119.1: β-glucosidase B (BglB;TM0025) (Cel3) (EC from

ABI29899.1: β-glucosidase B (BglB;TnBgl3B;CTN_0670) (Bgl3B) (EC from

BAA36161.1: β-glucosidase B (EC from

AAA25311.1: β-glucosidase B / cellobiase (BglB) (EC from

CAB01407.1: β-glucosidase B / laminaribiase (BglB) (EC| from

BAE63197.1: β-glucosidase B6 (AO090113000148) (EC from

AFM77966.1: β-glucosidase I (Bgl1) (EC from

ACS93768.1: β-glucosidase I (Bgl1;BGL1;VbglI) (EC from
AAA18473.1: β-glucosidase 1 (Bgl1;Bgl-1;TrBGL1) (Cel3A) (EC from
bgl1 / Q12715: β-glucosidase Bgl1 (EC from Hypocrea jecorina

ACF93471.1: β-glucosidase I (Bgl1;BGLI) (EC from

ACD86466.1: β-glucosidase I (Bgl1;BglI) (EC from

ADB82653.1: β-glucosidase I (Bgl1;Dbgl1) (EC from

ACY95404.1: β-glucosidase I (Bgl;KmBglI) (EC from

CAA55196.1: β-glucosidase I (avenacosidase;AsGlu1;As-Glu1;P60) (EC from

AAD02839.1: β-glucosidase II (AsGlu2;As-Glu2;P60b) (EC from

CAB08072.1: β-glucosidase Z (BglZ) (Bgl3Z) (EC from

BAF25453.1: β-glucosidase isozyme 2 (Os09g0491100;Os9bglu30) (EC| from

AAF21242.1: β-glucosidase/ exo-β-1,3-glucosidase (Bgl2) (EC| from

ADD17009.1: β-glucosidase/β-xylosidase (Bgx1;RuBGX1) (EC| from
D3VYD8: beta-glucosidase (EC; xylan 1,4-beta-xylosidase (EC from uncultured rumen

ABI35984.1: β-glycosidase (β-gly) (EC| from
Q0GA07: beta-glucosidase (EC from Thermus thermophilus

AAF36392.1: β-glycosidase (Gly) (EC from

AAD21094.1: β-glycosidase (LacS;Ssol98_010100014373) (EC| from

AAO15361.1: β-glycosidase / β-glucosidase (BglT;BglA) (EC|3.2.1.-) from

AAN05439.1: β-glycosidase / β-glucosidase (TTHB087) (EC from

AAA72843.1: β-glycosidase S (LacS;Ss-β-gly;SSO3019) (EC||3.2.1.-) from

ACF07998.1: β-mannosidase / β-glucosidase (HvBII) (EC|| from

AAA87339.1: β-mannosidase / β-glucosidase (HvbMANNOS1) (EC| from

BAC16123.1: β-mannosidase / β-glucosidase (Os7bglu26;Os07g0656200) (EC|| from

AET31457.1: β-xylosidase / β-glucosidase (Lxyl-p1-1) (EC| from

AET31459.1: β-xylosidase / β-glucosidase (Lxyl-p1-2) (7-β-xylosyltaxane-active) (EC| from

BGLA_THENN / B9K7M5: 1,4-beta-D-glucan glucohydrolase; Glucan glucohydrolase; Beta-D-glucoside glucohydrolase; Beta-glucosidase; Glucan 1,4-beta-glucosidase; EC; EC from Thermotoga neapolitana
B9K7M5: beta-glucosidase (EC from Thermotoga neapolitana

ACZ66247.2: 3-O-β-glucopyranosyl-specific ginsenosidase type III / β-glycosidase (BgpA;Bgl-gyp 3082) (EC||3.2.1.-) from

A0A3G1VCA8: 4-hydroxy-7-methoxy-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-yl glucoside beta-D-glucosidase (EC; beta-glucosidase (EC from Lamium galeobdolon

A0A3G1VCA9: 4-hydroxy-7-methoxy-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-yl glucoside beta-D-glucosidase (EC; beta-glucosidase (EC from Lamium galeobdolon

A0A3G1VCB1: 4-hydroxy-7-methoxy-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-yl glucoside beta-D-glucosidase (EC; beta-glucosidase (EC from Lamium galeobdolon

A0A3G1VCB6: 4-hydroxy-7-methoxy-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-yl glucoside beta-D-glucosidase (EC; beta-glucosidase (EC from Lamium galeobdolon

HGGL1_MAIZE / P49235: 4-hydroxy-7-methoxy-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-yl glucoside beta-D-glucosidase 1, chloroplastic; Beta-D-glucoside glucohydrolase; Beta-glucosidase 1; ZmGlu1; EC; EC from Zea mays
AAA65946.1: β-glucosidase 1 (Glu1) (EC| from
P49235: 4-hydroxy-7-methoxy-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-yl glucoside beta-D-glucosidase (EC; beta-glucosidase (EC from Zea mays

HGL1A_WHEAT / Q1XIR9: 4-hydroxy-7-methoxy-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-yl glucoside beta-D-glucosidase 1a, chloroplastic; Beta-glucosidase 1a; TaGlu1a; EC; EC from Triticum aestivum
Q1XIR9: beta-glucosidase (EC from Triticum aestivum

HGL1B_WHEAT / Q1XH05: 4-hydroxy-7-methoxy-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-yl glucoside beta-D-glucosidase 1b, chloroplastic; Beta-glucosidase 1b; Taglu1b; EC; EC from Triticum aestivum
BAE92259.1: β-glucosidase (Glu1B;TaGlu1b) (EC| from
Q1XH05: 4-hydroxy-7-methoxy-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-yl glucoside beta-D-glucosidase (EC; beta-glucosidase (EC from Triticum aestivum

HGL1C_WHEAT / Q1XH04: 4-hydroxy-7-methoxy-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-yl glucoside beta-D-glucosidase 1c, chloroplastic; Beta-glucosidase 1c; Taglu1c; EC; EC from Triticum aestivum
Q1XH04: beta-glucosidase (EC from Triticum aestivum

HGL1D_WHEAT / D5MTF8: 4-hydroxy-7-methoxy-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-yl glucoside beta-D-glucosidase 1d, chloroplastic; Beta-glucosidase 1d; TaGlu1d; EC; EC from Triticum aestivum

HGGL2_MAIZE / Q41761: 4-hydroxy-7-methoxy-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-yl glucoside beta-D-glucosidase 2, chloroplastic; Beta-glucosidase 2; ZmGlu2; EC; EC from Zea mays
AAD09850.1: β-glucosidase 2 (Glu2) (EC from

HGGL_SECCE / Q9FYS3: 4-hydroxy-7-methoxy-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-yl glucoside beta-D-glucosidase, chloroplastic; Beta-glucosidase; ScGlu; EC; EC from Secale cereale
AAG00614.1: β-glucosidase (ScGlu) (plastidic) (EC| from
Q9FYS3: 4-hydroxy-7-methoxy-3-oxo-3,4-dihydro-2H-1,4-benzoxazin-2-yl glucoside beta-D-glucosidase (EC; beta-glucosidase (EC from Secale cereale

AAT45375.1: 6-P-β-glucosidase (AscB) (EC| from

AAV37466.1: 6-P-β-glucosidase (BglA) (EC| from

ABK51908.1: Acel_0133 (EC from

ACJ34717.1: Aflv_2360 (EC from

AGDC_EMENI / Q5AWI5: Alpha/beta-glucosidase agdC; EC; EC from Emericella nidulans

AAC31962.1: At3g03640 (β-glucosidase;Gluc;Bglu25) (EC from

NAG3_CELFI / Q7WUL3: Beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase/beta-glucosidase; 3-beta-N-acetyl-D-glucosaminidase/beta-D-glucosidase; Nag3; EC; EC from Cellulomonas fimi
AAQ05801.1: bifunctional N-acetyl-β-glucosaminidase/β-glucosidase (Nag3) (acts as a phosphorylase in presence of phosphate) (Nag3A) (EC||2.4.1.-) from

CCNA_01019: Beta-glucosidase (EC from Caulobacter crescentus

Ga0059261_1166: Beta-glucosidase (EC from Sphingomonas koreensis

PGA1_c07840: Beta-glucosidase (EC from Phaeobacter inhibens

Sama_1404: Beta-glucosidase (EC from Shewanella amazonensis

BGL12_ORYSJ / Q7XKV4: Beta-glucosidase 12; Os4bglu12; EC from Oryza sativa
CAE05483.2: β-glucosidase (OsTAGG2;Os04g0474800;Os4bglu12) (salicylic acid glucoside-hydrolyzing) (EC from

BGL15_ARATH / O64879: Beta-glucosidase 15; AtBGLU15; EC from Arabidopsis thaliana
AAC16091.1: flavonol bisglycoside β-glucosidase (Bglu15;At2g44450) (EC from

BGL16_ARATH / Q9M1D0: Beta-glucosidase 16; AtBGLU16; Protein YELLOW-LEAF-SPECIFIC GENE 1; EC from Arabidopsis thaliana

BGL16_ORYSJ / Q7XSK2: Beta-glucosidase 16; Os4bglu16; EC from Oryza sativa
CAE03398.1: monolignol β-glucosidase (Os4bglu16;Os04g0513400) (EC from

BGL18_ORYSJ / Q7XSK0: Beta-glucosidase 18; Os4bglu18; EC from Oryza sativa

BGL1_PASFU / P85516: Beta-glucosidase 1; Beta-D-glucoside glucohydrolase; Cellobiase; Gentiobiase; EC from Passalora fulva

BGL1A_PHACH / Q25BW5: Beta-glucosidase 1A; Cellobiase 1A; EC from Phanerodontia chrysosporium
BAE87008.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1A) (EC from
Q25BW5: beta-glucosidase (EC from Phanerodontia chrysosporium

BGL1B_PHACH / Q25BW4: Beta-glucosidase 1B; Cellobiase 1B; EC from Phanerodontia chrysosporium
BAE87009.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1B;PcBgl1B) (Bgl1B) (EC from
Q25BW4: beta-glucosidase (EC from Phanerodontia chrysosporium

BGL21_ARATH / Q9C525: Beta-glucosidase 21; AtBGLU21; Protein PHOSPHATE STARVATION-RESPONSE 3.2; EC from Arabidopsis thaliana
Q9C525: beta-glucosidase (EC from Arabidopsis thaliana

BGL22_ARATH / Q9C8Y9: Beta-glucosidase 22; AtBGLU22; EC from Arabidopsis thaliana
AAG52159.1: ER β-glucosidase (Bglu22;At1g66280) (EC from
Q9C8Y9: beta-glucosidase (EC from Arabidopsis thaliana

BGL23_ARATH / Q9SR37: Beta-glucosidase 23; AtBGLU23; Protein PHOSPHATE STARVATION-RESPONSE 3.1; EC from Arabidopsis thaliana
AAF14024.1: ER β-glucosidase (Pyk10;Bglu23;Psr3.1;At3g09260) (EC from
Q9SR37: beta-glucosidase (EC from Arabidopsis thaliana

BGL26_ARATH / O64883: Beta-glucosidase 26, peroxisomal; AtBGLU26; Protein PENETRATION 2; EC from Arabidopsis thaliana

BGL26_ORYSJ / A3BMZ5: Beta-glucosidase 26; Os7bglu26; EC from Oryza sativa

BGL2_PASFU / P85517: Beta-glucosidase 2; Beta-D-glucoside glucohydrolase; Cellobiase; Gentiobiase; EC from Passalora fulva

BGL30_ARATH / Q9M1C9: Beta-glucosidase 30; AtBGLU30; Protein DARK INDUCIBLE 2; Protein SENESCENCE-RELATED GENE 2; EC from Arabidopsis thaliana

BGL42_ARATH / Q9FIW4: Beta-glucosidase 42; AtBGLU42; EC from Arabidopsis thaliana

BGL44_ARATH / Q9LV33: Beta-glucosidase 44; AtBGLU44; EC from Arabidopsis thaliana
AAM61427.1: β-mannosidase/β-glucosidase (Bglu44;At3g18080) (EC| from

BGL45_ARATH / O80689: Beta-glucosidase 45; AtBGLU45; EC from Arabidopsis thaliana
AAC28501.1: monolignol β-glucosidase (Bglu45;At1g61810) (EC from

BGL46_ARATH / O80690: Beta-glucosidase 46; AtBGLU46; EC from Arabidopsis thaliana

BGL06_ORYSJ / Q8L7J2: Beta-glucosidase 6; Os3bglu6; EC from Oryza sativa
AAN01354.1: β-glucosidase (Os03g0212800;Os3bglu6) (EC from
Q8L7J2: beta-glucosidase (EC from Oryza sativa

BGL07_ORYSJ / Q75I93: Beta-glucosidase 7; Os3bglu7; EC from Oryza sativa
CBD28469.1: β-glucosidase (Bglu1;Os03g0703000;Os3bglu7) (EC from
Q75I93: beta-glucosidase (EC from Oryza sativa

BGL08_ORYSJ / Q75I94: Beta-glucosidase 8; Os3bglu8; EC from Oryza sativa

BGLA_ASPKW / P87076: Beta-glucosidase A; Beta-D-glucoside glucohydrolase A; Cellobiase A; Gentiobiase A; EC from Aspergillus kawachii

BGLB_EMENI / Q5BFG8: Beta-glucosidase B; Beta-D-glucoside glucohydrolase B; Cellobiase B; Gentiobiase B; EC from Emericella nidulans
EAA65189.1: β-glucosidase (AN0712.2) (EC from
bglB: beta-glucosidase B; EC from Emericella nidulans

BGH3A_BACO1 / A7LXS8: Beta-glucosidase BoGH3A; Glycosyl hydrolase family protein 3A; BoGH3A; EC from Bacteroides ovatus

BGH3B_BACO1 / A7LXU3: Beta-glucosidase BoGH3B; Glycosyl hydrolase family protein 3B; BoGH3B; EC from Bacteroides ovatus

BGLC_EMENI / Q5BCC6: Beta-glucosidase C; Beta-D-glucoside glucohydrolase C; Cellobiase C; Gentiobiase C; EC from Emericella nidulans
EAA64969.1: β-glucosidase (AN1804.2) (EC from
bglC: beta-glucosidase C; EC from Emericella nidulans

CEL3B_PYRO7 / G4N7Z0: Beta-glucosidase cel3A; Beta-D-glucoside glucohydrolase cel3A; Cellobiase cel3A; Gentiobiase cel3A; EC from Pyricularia oryzae
XP_360965.1: β-glucosidase (MoCel3B;MG03508.4) (Cel3B) (EC from

CEL3A_PYRO7 / G4NI45: Beta-glucosidase cel3A; Beta-D-glucoside glucohydrolase cel3A; Cellobiase cel3A; Gentiobiase cel3A; EC from Pyricularia oryzae
XP_364573.1: β-glucosidase (MoCel3A;MG09353.4) (Cel3A) (EC from

BGLFU_BIFBR / P94248: Bifunctional beta-D-glucosidase/beta-D-fucosidase; EC; EC from Bifidobacterium breve
BAA19881.1: β-glucosidase / β-D-fucosidase (EC| from

ACL95685.1: CCNA_02220 (EC from

ADG73989.1: Cfla_1084 (EC from

ABW01253.1: Cmaq_0408 (EC from

ABW01492.1: Cmaq_0652 (EC from

GBA3_HUMAN / Q9H227: Cytosolic beta-glucosidase; Cytosolic beta-glucosidase-like protein 1; Cytosolic galactosylceramidase; Cytosolic glucosylceramidase; Cytosolic glycosylceramidase; Cytosolic GCase; Glucosidase beta acid 3; Glucosylceramidase beta 3; Klotho-related protein; KLrP; EC; EC; EC from Homo sapiens
GBA3 / Q9H227: cytosolic beta-glucosidase (EC; EC from Homo sapiens
Q9H227: beta-glucosidase (EC from Homo sapiens

GBA3_CAVPO / P97265: Cytosolic beta-glucosidase; Cytosolic galactosylceramidase; Cytosolic glucosylceramidase; Cytosolic glycosylceramidase; Cytosolic GCase; EC; EC; EC from Cavia porcellus
AAB41058.1: β-glucosidase (EC from

ACO44852.1: Deide_00550 (EC from

AAB64244.1: ER β-glucosidase (Psr3.2;Bglu21;At1g66270) (EC from

AAF22295.1: ER β-glucosidase / ABA-β-glucosidase (BG1;Bgl1;Bglu18;AtBG1;At1g52400) (EC| from

ABS61401.1: Fnod_1558 (EC from

ABC33525.1: HCH_06907 (EC from

GLUA_DICDI / Q23892: Lysosomal beta glucosidase; EC from Dictyostelium discoideum

ABK71329.1: MSMEG_5142 (EC from

ADD27066.1: Mrub_0288 (EC from

GH1A_CALOW / E4Q361: Multifunctional glycoside hydrolase; Multifunctional GH; CoGH1A; EC; EC; EC; EC; EC from Caldicellulosiruptor owensensis

BGL38_ARATH / P37702: Myrosinase 1; Beta-glucosidase 38; AtBGLU38; Sinigrinase 1; Thioglucosidase 1; EC; EC from Arabidopsis thaliana

BGL34_ARATH / Q8GRX1: Myrosinase 4; Beta-glucosidase 34; AtBGLU34; Sinigrinase 4; Thioglucosidase 4; EC; EC from Arabidopsis thaliana

BGL35_ARATH / Q3ECS3: Myrosinase 5; Beta-glucosidase 35; AtBGLU35; Sinigrinase 5; Thioglucosidase 5; EC; EC from Arabidopsis thaliana

ABX31229.1: Pmob_0493 (EC from

AGD1_ARTBC / D4B0X3: Probable alpha/beta-glucosidase ARB_02101; EC; EC from Arthroderma benhamiae

BGLA_ARTBC / D4AN50: Probable beta-glucosidase ARB_05654; Allergen Asp n 14 homolog; Beta-D-glucoside glucohydrolase; EC from Arthroderma benhamiae

BGLL_EMENI / Q5B9F2: Probable beta-glucosidase L; Beta-D-glucoside glucohydrolase L; Cellobiase L; Gentiobiase L; EC from Emericella nidulans
EAA63399.1: β-glucosidase (AN2828) (EC from

BTGE_EMENI / Q5BD29: Probable beta-glucosidase btgE; Beta-D-glucoside glucohydrolase btgE; Cellobiase btgE; Gentiobiase btgE; EC from Emericella nidulans

BGLS_SCHPO / Q9P6J6: Putative beta-glucosidase; Beta-D-glucoside glucohydrolase; Cellobiase; Gentiobiase; EC from Schizosaccharomyces pombe
CAB91166.1: β-glucosidase (SPBC1683.04) (EC from

CBL17177.1: RUM_10120 (EC from

ABU56651.1: Rcas_0521 (EC from

ACF00459.1: Rpal_1936 (EC from

BAG19255.1: SGR_2426 (EC from

ACJ75238.1: THA_775 (EC from

ADG88606.1: Tbis_1894 (EC from

ADG88608.1: Tbis_1896 (EC from

ADG89307.1: Tbis_2605 (EC from

ACY97307.1: Tcur_1733 (EC from

ACZ42845.1: Tter_1939 (EC from

BAC96154.1: VVA0128 (EC from

BAA29440.1: alkyl β-glucosidase (membrane-bound) (BGPh;BglA;PH0366) (EC from

BAE49023.1: amb0219 (EC from

XP_001263204.1: aryl β-glucosidase (Bgl1;NfBGL1;BGL;NFIA_064710) (EC from

BAE64040.1: aryl β-glucosidase (BglA;AO090038000223) (EC from

BAE65597.1: aryl β-glucosidase (BglF;AO090103000127) (EC from

AAK41589.1: aryl β-glucosidase/β-xylosidase (SSO1353) (EC| from

A0A191KCR0: beta-glucosidase (EC from Humicola insolens

A0A191KCR1: beta-glucosidase (EC from Humicola insolens

A0A191KCR2: beta-glucosidase (EC from Humicola insolens

A0A2I2LGB3: beta-glucosidase (EC from unidentified microorganism

I6TNE2: beta-glucosidase (EC from Weissella cibaria

Q6QGY5: beta-glucosidase (EC from Pectobacterium carotovorum

Q9HIL6: beta-glucosidase (EC from Thermoplasma acidophilum

S5U834: beta-glucosidase (EC from Anoxybacillus flavithermus

Q9YGA8: beta-glucosidase (EC from Thermosphaera aggregans

Q8GEB4: beta-glucosidase (EC from Thermus thermophilus

E5RWQ2: beta-glucosidase (EC from Niallia circulans

P07337: beta-glucosidase (EC from Kluyveromyces marxianus

Q7Z9M5: beta-glucosidase (EC from Trichoderma reesei

Q9SLA0: beta-glucosidase (EC from Arabidopsis thaliana

Q92AS9: beta-glucosidase (EC from Listeria innocua

Q9RA61: beta-glucosidase (EC from Thermus thermophilus

Q2UL94: beta-glucosidase (EC from Aspergillus oryzae

A8NIX3: beta-glucosidase (EC from Coprinopsis cinerea

A0A023MIF8: beta-glucosidase (EC; beta-galactosidase (EC; beta-D-fucosidase (EC from Putranjiva roxburghii

A0A1E1FFN6: beta-glucosidase (EC; beta-galactosidase (EC; beta-D-fucosidase (EC from uncultured microorganism

Q9YGB8: beta-glucosidase (EC; beta-mannosidase (EC; beta-D-fucosidase (EC from Thermococcus kodakarensis

AAK43141.1: bifunctional β-glucosidase / β-N-acetylglucosaminidase (sso3039;SSO3039) (EC| from
Q97UH8: beta-glucosidase (EC; beta-N-acetylhexosaminidase (EC from Saccharolobus solfataricus

AGU12029.1: c84_2 (EC| from

CAB38854.2: cardenolide 16'-O-glucohydrolase (EC from

psu1 / RF|NP_593500.1: cell wall protein Psu1, beta-glucosidase (predicted); EC from Schizosaccharomyces pombe

AEM45802.1: cellobiase (Cba3) (EC from
G1C1T5: beta-glucosidase (EC from Cellulomonas biazotea

AAG43575.1: cellobiase (CelA) (EC from

ACL74759.1: cellodextrin glucohydrolase (Ccel_0374) (EC|| from

AAA22082.1: coniferin β-glucosidase (Cbg1;Cbg-1) (EC| from

AAK49119.1: cyanogenic β-glucosidase (dhurrinase-2) (EC from

AAC49177.1: cyanogenic β-glucosidase / dhurrinase 1 (Dhr1) (EC from

AAF04007.1: dalcochinin β-glucosidase / β-fucosidase (Bglu1) (dalcochinase) (EC| from

CAA74702.1: erythromycin β-glucosidase (EryBI;SACE_0732) (EC from

AAU09785.1: exo-β-1,3-glucanase / flavonoid β-glucosidase (sporulation) (Ssg1;Spr1;YOR190W) (EC| from

AAA34599.1: exo-β-1,3-glucanase 1 / flavonoid β-glucosidase (Exg1;Bgl1;Scw6;YLR300W) (EC| from

AAA86753.2: exo-β-1,4-glucosidase (CdxA;Orf0348;00348-GPBOY) (EC| from

AAQ38005.1: exo-β-1,4-glucosidase / β-glucosidase (β-Glu;G3ase) (EC| from

CAA42814.1: exo-β-glucosidase 1A (BglA; β-G;Cthe_0212) (Glc1A) (EC from
P26208: beta-glucosidase (EC from Acetivibrio thermocellus

CAC07184.1: exo-1,4-β-glucosidase (EC from

NP_012272.1: flavonoid β-glucosidase (YIR007W;YIB7W) (EC from

BAA11831.1: furostanol glycoside 26-O-β-glucosidase (EC from

AFS34656.1: ginsenoside β-glucosidase (BglQM;Bgl-QM49-1) (EC from

AEX88466.1: ginsenoside β-glucosidase (Bgp1) (EC from

AEX88467.1: ginsenoside β-glucosidase (Bgp3) (EC from

ABF52736.1: ginsenoside β-glucosidase (Sala_1019) (EC from

AJE75672.1: glandular β-glucosidase (ClgbGlc_B) (EC from

BAB85988.1: glucan β-1,3-glucosidase (Bgl) (EC| from
Q8TGC6: beta-glucosidase (EC from Phanerodontia chrysosporium

AAC26489.1: glucan β-1,3-glucosidase (CbgL;Cbgl-1;Cbgl-2) (Bgl1A) (EC| from

AGH13451.1: glucan β-1,4-glucosidase (LAB25g2) (EC from

AGH13475.1: glucan 1,4-β-glucosidase (SRF2g18) (EC from

ACD65510.1: hydroxynitrile β-glucosidase D2 (LjBGD2) (EC from

ACD65509.1: hydroxynitrile β-glucosidase D4 (LjBGD4) (EC from

ABY48758.1: hydroxynitrile glucoside-cleaving β-glucosidase (Bglu1;LlBglu1 (EC from

BAA78708.1: indican β-glucosidase (EC from

BAH02544.1: ipecoside β-glucosidase (IpeGlu1) (EC from
B6ZKM3: beta-glucosidase (EC from Carapichea ipecacuanha

BAF34333.1: isoflavone conjugate-specific β-glucosidase (GmICHG) (EC| from
Q08IT7: beta-glucosidase (EC from Glycine max

AAV34606.1: isoflavonoid 7-O-β-apiosyl-β-glucose β-glycosidase (DnBglu) (EC|| from

ACR54627.1: macrolide β-glycosidase / β-glucosidase (DesR) (EC|3.2.1.-) from

AAC28502.1: monolignol β-glucosidase (Bglu46;At1g61820) (EC from

AAC69619.1: monolignol β-glucosidase (EC from

CAE01911.1: monolignol β-glucosidase (Os4bglu18;Os04g0513900) (EC from

CAC08178.1: neutral β-glycosylceramidase / β-glucosidase (Gba3;CbgCBgl1;GluC;KLrP) (cytosolic) (EC| from

CAG14979.1: non-cyanogenic β-glucosidase (Bglc-2) (EC from

AAL93619.1: oleuropein β-glucosidase (BglC;OeGLU) (EC from

AII20122.1: picein β-glucosidase (Pg?glu-1) (EC from

bglD: probable beta-glucosidase D; EC from Emericella nidulans

ACM06095.1: trd_1758 (EC from

CAE05485.2: tuberonic acid glucoside-hydrolyzing β-glucosidase (OsTAGG1;Os4bglu13;Os04g0474900) (EC from

CAA57913.1: zeatin β-glucosidase (Bgl) (EC from

CAA52293.1: zeatin β-glucosidase (Glu1;p60.1;Zm-p60.1) (EC from

by Morgan Price, Arkin group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory