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These curated entries have 11 distinct sequences. Cluster these sequences (recent entries may not be included in clustering results).

Shewana3_2088: L-arabinolactonase (EC from Shewanella sp.

HSERO_RS05225: L-arabinolactonase (EC from Herbaspirillum seropedicae

PS417_11020: L-arabinolactonase (EC from Pseudomonas simiae

PfGW456L13_2118: L-arabinolactonase (EC from Pseudomonas fluorescens

Pf1N1B4_413: L-arabinolactonase (EC from Pseudomonas fluorescens

Pf6N2E2_5966: L-arabinolactonase (EC from Pseudomonas fluorescens

AO356_20235: L-arabinolactonase (EC / D-galactonolactonase (EC from Pseudomonas fluorescens

SMc00883: L-arabinolactonase/D-galactonolactonase (EC; EC from Sinorhizobium meliloti

Ac3H11_615: L-arabinolactonase/D-galactonolactonase (EC; EC from Acidovorax sp.

ARALA_AZOBR / Q1JUP5: L-arabinolactonase; EC from Azospirillum brasilense

XACC_HALVD / D4GP31: Pentonolactonase XacC; L-arabinonolactonase; Xylono-1,4-lactonase; EC; EC from Haloferax volcanii
xacC / D4GP31: D-xylono/L-arabinono-1,4-lactonase (EC; EC from Haloferax volcanii
D4GP31: L-arabinonolactonase (EC; xylono-1,4-lactonase (EC from Haloferax volcanii

by Morgan Price, Arkin group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory