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AMASY_HALMA / Q5V0X0: Apparent malate synthase; (3S)-malyl-CoA thioesterase; (S)-malyl-CoA lyase; EC; EC from Haloarcula marismortui
ms / Q5V0X0: archaeal malate synthase (EC from Haloarcula marismortui

MCAL_CERS4 / Q3J5L6: L-malyl-CoA/beta-methylmalyl-CoA lyase; (3S)-malyl-CoA/beta-methylmalyl-CoA lyase; (S)-citramalyl-CoA lyase; EC; EC from Cereibacter sphaeroides
Q3J5L6: malyl-CoA lyase (EC from Cereibacter sphaeroides

MCAL_RHOCA / B6E2X2: L-malyl-CoA/beta-methylmalyl-CoA lyase; (3S)-malyl-CoA/beta-methylmalyl-CoA lyase; EC from Rhodobacter capsulatus
mcl1 / B6E2X2: malyl-CoA lyase subunit (EC from Rhodobacter capsulatus

MCAL_HALMA / Q5V463: L-malyl-CoA/beta-methylmalyl-CoA lyase; (3S)-malyl-CoA/beta-methylmalyl-CoA lyase; EC from Haloarcula marismortui
mcl / Q5V463: β-methylmalyl-CoA lyase (EC from Haloarcula marismortui

PGA1_c30490: Malyl-CoA lyase (EC from Phaeobacter inhibens

MCLA_CHLAU / S5N020: Malyl-CoA/beta-methylmalyl-CoA/citramalyl-CoA lyase; (3S)-3-carboxy-3-hydroxypropanoyl-CoA glyoxylate-lyase; (3S)-citramalyl-CoA pyruvate-lyase; (S)-citramalyl-CoA lyase; Erythro-beta-methylmalyl-CoA; L-malyl-CoA lyase; EC; EC from Chloroflexus aurantiacus
mclA / A9WC35: L-malyl CoA lyase subunit (EC; EC from Chloroflexus aurantiacus
S5N020: malyl-CoA lyase (EC; (S)-citramalyl-CoA lyase (EC from Chloroflexus aurantiacus

mclA / P71503: malyl coenzyme A lyase subunit (EC from Methylorubrum extorquens
C5B113: malyl-CoA lyase (EC from Methylorubrum extorquens

by Morgan Price, Arkin group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory