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Similarities of Characterized Proteins

Comparing 4 sequences


KDADA_AZOBR / Q1JUQ0 L-2-keto-3-deoxyarabonate dehydratase; L-KDA dehydratase; 2-dehydro-3-deoxy-L-arabinonate dehydratase; L-2-keto-3-deoxyarabinonate dehydratase; EC from Azospirillum brasilense
Q1JUQ0 2-dehydro-3-deoxy-L-arabinonate dehydratase (EC from Azospirillum brasilense
309 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD

Other Sequences with Hits

Ac3H11_603 L-2-keto-3-deoxyarabonate dehydratase (EC from Acidovorax sp. GW101-3H11
294 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD
80% identical to query, 94% coverage

HSERO_RS06870 L-2-keto-3-deoxyarabonate dehydratase (EC from Herbaspirillum seropedicae SmR1
306 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD
70% identical to query, 98% coverage

BPHYT_RS22715 L-2-keto-3-deoxyarabonate dehydratase (EC from Burkholderia phytofirmans PsJN
310 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD
70% identical to query, 99% coverage

Other Sequences without Hits