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Q39231 sucrose transporter from Arabidopsis thaliana
SUC2_ARATH / Q39231 Sucrose transport protein SUC2; Sucrose permease 2; Sucrose transporter 1; Sucrose-proton symporter 2 from Arabidopsis thaliana (Mouse-ear cress)
512 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD

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Q39232 sucrose transporter from Arabidopsis thaliana
SUC1_ARATH / Q39232 Sucrose transport protein SUC1; Sucrose permease 1; Sucrose-proton symporter 1 from Arabidopsis thaliana (Mouse-ear cress)
TC 2.A.2.4.1 / Q39232 Sucrose:H+ symporter, Suc1 (provides osmotic driving force for anther dehiscence, pollen germination and pollen tube growth; also transports other glucosides such as maltose and phenylglucosides. Km (sucrose)= 0.5 mM. (Stadler et al., 1999)).  In wheat (Triticum aesticum), there are at least three isoforms designated Sut2A, Sut2B and Sut2D from Arabidopsis thaliana (Mouse-ear cress)
RF|NP_177333.1 sucrose transport protein SUC1 from Arabidopsis thaliana
513 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD
76% identical to query, 100% coverage

Q9M422 sucrose transporter from Hordeum vulgare
523 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD
45% identical to query, 90% coverage

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