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TC 3.A.1.1.17 / Q9R9Q5 ThuG aka RB0313 aka SMB20327, component of Trehalose/maltose/sucrose porter (trehalose inducible) from Rhizobium meliloti (Sinorhizobium meliloti) (heteromeric)
SM_b20327 ABC transporter for D-Trehalose, permease component 2 from Sinorhizobium meliloti 1021 (heteromeric)
276 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD

Other Sequences with Hits

TC 3.A.1.1.25 / Q72H66 Maltose transport system permease protein malG aka TT_C1629, component of The trehalose/maltose/sucrose/palatinose porter (TTC1627-9) plus MalK1 (ABC protein, shared with 3.A.1.1.24) (Silva et al. 2005; Chevance et al., 2006). The receptor (TTC1627) binds disaccharide alpha-glycosides, namely trehalose (alpha-1,1), sucrose (alpha-1,2), maltose (alpha-1,4), palatinose (alpha-1,6) and glucose from Thermus thermophilus (strain HB27 / ATCC BAA-163 / DSM 7039) (heteromeric)
280 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD
57% identical to query, 90% coverage

MALG_THELN / Q7LYX6 Trehalose/maltose transport system permease protein MalG from Thermococcus litoralis (strain ATCC 51850 / DSM 5473 / JCM 8560 / NS-C) (heteromeric)
TC 3.A.1.1.7 / O51925 MalG aka PF1741, component of Maltose/trehalose porter (heteromeric)
278 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD
44% identical to query, 92% coverage

TC 3.A.1.1.44 / Q9KZ08 Putative maltose permease, component of MalEFG (K unknown), involved in maltose and maltodextrin uptake from Streptomyces coelicolor (strain ATCC BAA-471 / A3(2) / M145) (heteromeric)
303 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD
30% identical to query, 87% coverage

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