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CAG25843.1 sucrose-6-phosphate hydrolase (ScrB) (EC (see protein)
469 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD

Other Sequences with Hits

SCRB_KLEPN / P27217 Sucrose-6-phosphate hydrolase; Sucrase; Invertase; EC from Klebsiella pneumoniae
P27217 sucrose-6-phosphate hydrolase from Klebsiella pneumoniae
CAA40659.1 invertase (ScrB) (EC (see protein)
466 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD
65% identical to query, 100% coverage

S68598 sucrose-6-phosphate hydrolase (ScrB) (EC (see protein)
479 amino acids: PaperBLAST, CDD
36% identical to query, 88% coverage

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