GapMind for catabolism of small carbon sources


Potential Gaps in catabolism of small carbon sources in Sinorhizobium meliloti 1021

Found 25 low-confidence and 24 medium-confidence steps on the best paths for 62 pathways.

Pathway Step Best candidate 2nd candidate
2-oxoglutarate kgtP: 2-oxoglutarate:H+ symporter KgtP SMc01869 SMc04407
4-hydroxybenzoate pcaK: 4-hydroxybenzoate transporter pcaK
citrate tctB: citrate/Na+ symporter, small transmembrane component TctB
citrate tctC: citrate/Na+ symporter, substrate-binding component TctC SM_b20724
citrulline AO353_03040: ABC transporter for L-Citrulline, ATPase component SMc02260 SM_b21138
citrulline AO353_03045: ABC transporter for L-Citrulline, permease component 2 SMa0492 SMc02257
citrulline AO353_03050: ABC transporter for L-Citrulline, permease component 1 SMc02258 SMc00139
D-alanine AZOBR_RS08240: D-alanine ABC transporter, permease component 2 SMc01950
D-alanine dadA: D-alanine dehydrogenase SM_b20267
D-lactate lctP: D-lactate:H+ symporter LctP or LidP
D-serine cycA: D-serine:H+ symporter CycA
D-serine dsdA: D-serine ammonia-lyase SMa1872 SM_b20432
deoxyribonate deoxyribonate-dehyd: 2-deoxy-D-ribonate 3-dehydrogenase SMc02041 SMc00372
deoxyribonate deoxyribonate-transport: 2-deoxy-D-ribonate transporter
deoxyribonate ketodeoxyribonate-cleavage: 2-deoxy-3-keto-D-ribonate cleavage enzyme SMc01637
deoxyribose deoP: deoxyribose transporter
galacturonate exuT: D-galacturonate transporter ExuT
galacturonate garD: meso-galactarate dehydratase (L-threo-forming) GarD SM_b21107 SMa1351
galacturonate uxuL: D-galactaro-1,5-lactonase (UxuL or UxuF) SMa0717 SMc04142
glucose-6-P uhpT: glucose-6-phosphate:phosphate antiporter
glucuronate dctQ: D-glucuronate TRAP transporter, small permease component
glucuronate gudD: D-glucarate dehydratase SMa0056
glucuronate uxuL: D-glucaro-1,5-lactonase UxuL or UxuF SMc04142 SMa0717
isoleucine acdH: (2S)-2-methylbutanoyl-CoA dehydrogenase SM_b20753 SMa1400
L-lactate lctP: L-lactate:H+ symporter LctP or LidP
lysine hisP: L-lysine ABC transporter, ATPase component HisP SMc02260 SMa0083
mannitol mtlG: polyol ABC transporter, permease component 2 (MtlG/SmoG) SMc01498 SMc01626
phenylacetate paaH: 3-hydroxyadipyl-CoA dehydrogenase SMc02227 SMc00727
phenylacetate paaK: phenylacetate-CoA ligase SMc00261
phenylacetate paaT: phenylacetate transporter Paa
phenylalanine iorAB: phenylpyruvate:ferredoxin oxidoreductase, fused IorA/IorB
phenylalanine livH: L-phenylalanine ABC transporter, permease component 1 (LivH) SMc01951 SMc02359
phenylalanine livJ: L-phenylalanine ABC transporter, substrate-binding component LivJ/LivK SMc01946 SMc00078
phenylalanine paaH: 3-hydroxyadipyl-CoA dehydrogenase SMc02227 SMc00727
propionate putP: propionate transporter; proline:Na+ symporter
serine braC: L-alanine/L-serine/L-threonine ABC transporter, substrate binding protein (BraC/NatB) SMc01946 SMc00078
serine braD: L-alanine/L-serine/L-threonine ABC transporter, permease component 1 (BraD/NatD) SMc01951 SMc02359
threonine braC: L-alanine/L-serine/L-threonine ABC transporter, substrate binding protein (BraC/NatB) SMc01946 SMc00078
threonine braD: L-alanine/L-serine/L-threonine ABC transporter, permease component 1 (BraD/NatD) SMc01951 SMc02359
thymidine nupG: thymidine permease NupG/XapB
tryptophan aroP: tryptophan:H+ symporter AroP
tryptophan tnaA: tryptophanase
tyrosine aroP: L-tyrosine transporter (AroP/FywP)
valine acdH: isobutyryl-CoA dehydrogenase SM_b20753 SMa1400
valine bch: 3-hydroxyisobutyryl-CoA hydrolase SM_b20752 SMc01669
valine mmsA: methylmalonate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase SMc00781 SMc00094
valine mmsB: 3-hydroxyisobutyrate dehydrogenase SM_b20751 SMc00274
xylitol PS417_12055: xylitol ABC transporter, substrate-binding component SM_b20072 SM_b20712
xylitol PS417_12065: xylitol ABC transporter, ATPase component SM_b20713 SM_b20503

Confidence: high confidence medium confidence low confidence

This GapMind analysis is from Sep 17 2021. The underlying query database was built on Sep 17 2021.



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Each pathway is defined by a set of rules based on individual steps or genes. Candidates for each step are identified by using ublast (a fast alternative to protein BLAST) against a database of manually-curated proteins (most of which are experimentally characterized) or by using HMMer with enzyme models (usually from TIGRFam). Ublast hits may be split across two different proteins.

A candidate for a step is "high confidence" if either:

where "other" refers to the best ublast hit to a sequence that is not annotated as performing this step (and is not "ignored").

Otherwise, a candidate is "medium confidence" if either:

Other blast hits with at least 50% coverage are "low confidence."

Steps with no high- or medium-confidence candidates may be considered "gaps." For the typical bacterium that can make all 20 amino acids, there are 1-2 gaps in amino acid biosynthesis pathways. For diverse bacteria and archaea that can utilize a carbon source, there is a complete high-confidence catabolic pathway (including a transporter) just 38% of the time, and there is a complete medium-confidence pathway 63% of the time. Gaps may be due to:

GapMind relies on the predicted proteins in the genome and does not search the six-frame translation. In most cases, you can search the six-frame translation by clicking on links to Curated BLAST for each step definition (in the per-step page).

For more information, see the paper from 2019 on GapMind for amino acid biosynthesis, the paper from 2022 on GapMind for carbon sources, or view the source code.

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