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These curated entries have 444 distinct sequences.

Running ublast with E ≤ 0.01

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Sama_1404: beta-glucosidase (RefSeq)
is similar to:

Sama_1404: Beta-glucosidase (EC from Shewanella amazonensis

100% id,
100% cov

ABD79509.1: β-glucosidase / cellodextrinase 3B (Sde_0245) (Ced3B) (EC|

48% id,
98% cov

AAG43575.1: cellobiase (CelA) (EC

47% id,
97% cov


Sama_1402: Beta-glucosidase (RefSeq)
is similar to:

ADD96762.1: β-glucosidase (Bgl1A;PB42H12) (Bgl1A) (EC
D5KX75: beta-glucosidase (EC from uncultured bacterium

60% id,
100% cov

ABR73190.1: β-glucosidase (BglM1;Mmwyl1_4295) (cold-active) (EC

55% id,
99% cov

ABD80656.1: β-glucosidase 1B (Sde_1394) (Bgl1B) (EC

55% id,
100% cov


Sama_1326: beta-hexosaminidase (RefSeq)
is similar to:

NAG3_CELFI / Q7WUL3: Beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase/beta-glucosidase; 3-beta-N-acetyl-D-glucosaminidase/beta-D-glucosidase; Nag3; EC; EC from Cellulomonas fimi
AAQ05801.1: bifunctional N-acetyl-β-glucosaminidase/β-glucosidase (Nag3) (acts as a phosphorylase in presence of phosphate) (Nag3A) (EC||2.4.1.-)

27% id,
58% cov

AEF56853.1: β-glucosidase A3 (EC

28% id,
55% cov

AAA80156.1: β-glucosidase / β-xylosidase (BgxA) (EC|

25% id,
49% cov

The hits are sorted by %identity * %coverage (highest first)

Running ublast against the 6-frame translation. All reading frames of at least 30 codons are included.

Found hits to 4 reading frames. Except for 1 reading frames, these were redundant with annotated proteins. These remaining reading frames may be pseudogenes, omissions in the genome annotation, or N-terminal extensions of annotated proteins.

2419208-2419876 (frame -2) on 248323
is similar to:

psu1 / RF|NP_593500.1: cell wall protein Psu1, beta-glucosidase (predicted); EC from Schizosaccharomyces pombe

33% id,
28% cov

by Morgan Price, Arkin group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory