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Searching in Pseudomonas simiae WCS417 (WCS417)

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These curated entries have 70 distinct sequences.

Running ublast with E ≤ 0.01

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PS417_23525: glycoside hydrolase
is similar to:

SUS_ACICK / A0A059ZV61: Sucrose synthase; SuSyAc; EC from Acidithiobacillus caldus
AIA55343.1: sucrose synthase (SuSyAc;Acaty_c1477) (EC
A0A059ZV61: sucrose synthase (EC from Acidithiobacillus caldus

27% id,
40% cov

SUS_DENA2 / D4H6M0: Sucrose synthase; SuSyDa; EC from Denitrovibrio acetiphilus
ADD69694.1: sucrose synthase (SuSyDa;Dacet_2944) (EC
D4H6M0: sucrose synthase (EC from Denitrovibrio acetiphilus

24% id,
34% cov

SUS_MELRP / I7A3T6: Sucrose synthase; SuSyMr; EC from Melioribacter roseus
AFN74551.1: sucrose synthase (SuSyMr;MROS_1314) (EC
I7A3T6: sucrose synthase (EC from Melioribacter roseus

37% id,
8% cov

PS417_03130: hypothetical protein
is similar to:

BAA08304.1: sucrose-phosphate synthase (Sps1) (EC

46% id,
5% cov

BAA08304.1: sucrose-phosphate synthase (Sps1) (EC

53% id,
4% cov

The hits are sorted by %identity * %coverage (highest first)

Running ublast against the 6-frame translation. All reading frames of at least 30 codons are included.

Found hits to 2 reading frames. These were all redundant with annotated proteins.

by Morgan Price, Arkin group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory