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Searching in Pseudomonas fluorescens FW300-N2E2 (pseudo6_N2E2)

Found 241 curated entries in PaperBLAST's database that match '' as complete word(s).

These curated entries have 195 distinct sequences.

Running ublast with E ≤ 0.01

Found 4 relevant proteins in Pseudomonas fluorescens FW300-N2E2, or try another query

Pf6N2E2_1650: Sucrose-6-phosphate hydrolase (EC 3.2.1.B3)
is similar to:

AAA24499.1: invertase (RafD) (EC

46% id,
97% cov

AAC33123.1: invertase (CscA) (EC
AAP79503.1: sucrose hydrolase (CscA) (EC

46% id,
96% cov

CAA57219.1: invertase (CscA) (EC

46% id,
96% cov


Pf6N2E2_4966: Levansucrase (EC
is similar to:

INVB_ZYMMA / F8DT27: Extracellular sucrase; Beta-fructofuranosidase; Invertase; Protein B46; Saccharase; EC from Zymomonas mobilis
AAV88999.1: invertase B (SacC;InvB;ZMO0375;SucE3) (EC
AAA61488.1: invertase B (SacC,InvB,SucE3) (EC

47% id,
95% cov

BAD18121.1: β-fructofuranosidase (Bff) (EC|

39% id,
83% cov

BAB72022.1: β-fructofuranosidase (Bff;BffA;ArFFase) (EC

40% id,
77% cov

Pf6N2E2_2118: Trehalose synthase (EC
is similar to:

ams / G4T024: sucrose β-fructofuranosidase (EC; EC from Methylotuvimicrobium alcaliphilum

28% id,
55% cov

Pf6N2E2_5813: Transcriptional regulator, GntR family domain / Aspartate aminotransferase (EC
is similar to:

BAB72022.1: β-fructofuranosidase (Bff;BffA;ArFFase) (EC

35% id,
8% cov

The hits are sorted by %identity * %coverage (highest first)

Running ublast against the 6-frame translation. All reading frames of at least 30 codons are included.

Found hits to 3 reading frames. These were all redundant with annotated proteins.

by Morgan Price, Arkin group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory