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Family Search for PF10179 (DUF2369)

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NDNF_HUMAN / Q8TB73 Protein NDNF; Neuron-derived neurotrophic factor from Homo sapiens (Human) (see 2 papers)
NP_078850 protein NDNF precursor from Homo sapiens
Aligns to 291:383 / 568 (16.4%), covers 98.9% of PF10179, 125.1 bits

NDNF_MOUSE / Q8C119 Protein NDNF; Epidermacan; Neuron-derived neurotrophic factor from Mus musculus (Mouse) (see 3 papers)
NP_765987 protein NDNF precursor from Mus musculus
Aligns to 291:383 / 568 (16.4%), covers 98.9% of PF10179, 122.9 bits

NP_500282 NDNF (Neuron Derived Neurotrophic Factor) homolog from Caenorhabditis elegans
Aligns to 226:343 / 536 (22.0%), covers 100.0% of PF10179, 105.9 bits

LOC101887233 uncharacterized protein LOC101887233 from Musca domestica
Aligns to 388:484 / 694 (14.0%), covers 100.0% of PF10179, 68.4 bits

NP_611900 nord from Drosophila melanogaster
Aligns to 289:385 / 587 (16.5%), covers 100.0% of PF10179, 66.9 bits

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by Morgan Price, Arkin group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory