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Family Search for PF10240 (DUF2464)

PF10240.9 hits 4 sequences in PaperBLAST's database above the trusted cutoff. Showing all hits. Or show only hits to curated sequences or try another family.

MB12B_HUMAN / Q9H7P6 Multivesicular body subunit 12B; ESCRT-I complex subunit MVB12B; Protein FAM125B from Homo sapiens (Human) (see paper)
NP_258257 multivesicular body subunit 12B isoform 1 from Homo sapiens
Aligns to 48:299 / 319 (79.0%), covers 100.0% of PF10240, 285.2 bits

MB12A_HUMAN / Q96EY5 Multivesicular body subunit 12A; CIN85/CD2AP family-binding protein; ESCRT-I complex subunit MVB12A; Protein FAM125A from Homo sapiens (Human) (see 3 papers)
Aligns to 10:261 / 273 (92.3%), covers 99.6% of PF10240, 222.6 bits

XP_006498436 multivesicular body subunit 12B isoform X11 from Mus musculus
Aligns to 46:224 / 241 (74.3%), covers 69.4% of PF10240, 216.1 bits

NP_001291476 multivesicular body subunit 12A isoform 2 from Homo sapiens
Aligns to 1:169 / 181 (93.4%), covers 67.4% of PF10240, 143.0 bits

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by Morgan Price, Arkin group
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory