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Searching for up to 100 curated homologs for Echvi_1568 FitnessBrowser__Cola:Echvi_1568 (457 a.a.)

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Hits with ≥ 30% identity

BPHYT_RS26970 L-lactate dehydrogenase, LldF subunit from Burkholderia phytofirmans PsJN
    54% identity, 98% coverage of query (507 bits)

YkgF / b0307 putative amino acid dehydrogenase with NAD(P)-binding domain and ferridoxin-like domain from Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 (see 4 papers)
    38% identity, 94% coverage of query (329 bits)

RR42_RS21285 L-lactate dehydrogenase, LutB subunit from Cupriavidus basilensis FW507-4G11
    40% identity, 86% coverage of query (305 bits)

LUTB_BACSU / O07021 Lactate utilization protein B from Bacillus subtilis (strain 168) (see paper)
    39% identity, 92% coverage of query (303 bits)

LUTB_BACCR / Q81GA4 Lactate utilization protein B from Bacillus cereus (strain ATCC 14579 / DSM 31 / CCUG 7414 / JCM 2152 / NBRC 15305 / NCIMB 9373 / NCTC 2599 / NRRL B-3711) (see paper)
    37% identity, 93% coverage of query (301 bits)

HP15_4089 L-lactate dehydrogenase, LutB subunit from Marinobacter adhaerens HP15
    43% identity, 75% coverage of query (300 bits)

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